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Alarms and Alerting Devices

In this section, you will read about:

  • Amplified Smoke Detectors
  • Amplified Alarm Clocks
  • Bed Shakers and Remote Lamp Flashers

Many alerting devices are available for people with severe to profound hearing losses. If you are worried that you might not hear important life-saving alarms or other everyday alerting sounds, then there are many options for you.

The smoke alarm is one of society’s most important alerting signals. If you are worried that you cannot hear the standard smoke alarm when it sounds, then an amplified smoke detector can assist you. Amplified smoke detectors flash lights and produce sounds that are 90 dB SPL or louder to get your attention.

While alarm clocks are not life-saving devices, they alert you when it is time to wake up or perform other activities. If you use a standard alarm clock but feel like you cannot hear the alarm when it sounds, then an amplified alarm clock might work better for you. Amplified alarm clocks produce sounds that are 100 dB SPL or louder. They are available in small travel sizes and can come with additional accessories such as bed shakers or remote lamp flashers. Last sentence was unnecessary, I deleted it.

While amplified devices work well for a lot of people, some people prefer different kinds of alerting devices. Bed shakers and remote lamp flashers, for example, are two popular devices that do not produce an amplified sound.

A bed shaker is a small plastic disc that can be placed underneath your mattress or pillow when you sleep. If a bed shaker is plugged into a compatible alarm clock or telephone, it will vibrate strongly when your alarm clock or telephone rings. Many amplified devices include bed shakers as an optional accessory.

A remote lamp flasher turns a light on and off whenever it receives a signal from a transmitter. A transmitter may be connected to your doorbell, your telephone, or your alarm clock. When your doorbell, your telephone, or your alarm clock rings, the remote lamp flasher will turn the lamp plugged into it on and off to get your attention. Remote lamp flashers are convenient because they work with all lamps that have plugs.

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