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Devices for Television

How far you sit from your television, the presence of background noise, and hearing loss are all things that can make hearing and understanding your television difficult. If you have trouble hearing and/or understanding your television, then a wireless headset might work for you.

The wireless headsets use either infrared or radio frequency like a remote control or a garage door opener to send the signal from your television to a headset that you wear. If you wear hearing aids already, you can use a neck loop that sends the signal to your hearing aids instead of a headset.

These wireless systems are helpful because they send the television signal directly to your ears. Background noise is less of a problem and volume is not lost by sitting far away from your TV. You can then adjust the volume that you hear by turning the headset up or down. Having a volume control on the headset is convenient because you can turn the volume up or down without bothering anyone that lives with you.

It is also worth noting that some conference rooms and movie theaters have wireless devices that are loaned out for personal use.

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