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Disease Diagnosis & Treatment

Hearing loss has many causes. For some, it can be caused by aging, excessive noise exposure or family history and can be successfully treated by the use of hearing aids or other amplification devices. For others, the loss may be caused by a disease or infection and can be treated medically by an Ear Nose and Throat physician. A comprehensive hearing test is necessary to identify whether the hearing loss can be treated with hearing aids or if a consultation with an Ear Nose and Throat physician is necessary.

It is important to learn about different disease diagnoses and their appropriate treatments. The following list contains common diagnoses that lead to hearing loss. Please click on the diagnoses to learn the facts.

Cerumen Impaction

Otitis Media




Noise Induced Hearing Loss


Unilateral Hearing Loss

Sudden Hearing Loss

Meniere's Disease

Acoustic Neuroma


Cochlear Implants

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