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St. Louis Entertainment Venues for the Hearing Impaired

Theatre, music, and movies are an important part of pop culture. People who are hard of hearing, deaf, or visually impaired are equal members and active participants in our communities. We hope that you find the following information helpful when selecting your next entertainment destinations in Saint Louis.

Many public entertainment venues offer assistance to the hearing impaired and symbols are often used to describe the type of assistance available. Below is a list of the common symbols and a description of what the symbol represents.


Assisted Listening Devices
The sound from the stage or sound system can be transmitted directly to headphones, sending the desired signal straight to your ears

Hearing Loop
This sound system is for use by people with hearing aids.  The hearing loop provides a magnetic, wireless signal that is picked up by the hearing aid when it is set to the telecoil ('T') program. 

Audio Description
A description of visual elements is provided by a trained audio describer for individuals who are visually impaired. Concise and objective descriptions are spoken through audio headphones

Sign Language Interpretation
American Sign Language interpreters are available.


Open Captioning
Captions are on-screen text descriptions that display a video product’s dialogue, identify speakers, and describe other relevant sounds.


Rear Window Captioning
Rear window captioning is an alternative to open captioning. This system utilizes a reflective, mountable plastic panel. Patrons have their own screen displaying a transcript of the audio portion of the film.




Please note that although there is no charge, most venues require that a driver’s license or credit card be held while renting assistive headphones. If you own your own assistive listening device (a personal FM system with neckloop), you may be able to use your own headphones in theaters. If you wear hearing aids, you may be able to use the telecoil ('T') program to access induction signals in public venues. The sound can be sent directly to your hearing aids, eliminating the need to rent equipment.

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