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Hearing Education Center

An estimated 33 to 35 million Americans have hearing loss. Some hearing loss is caused by medical conditions that require intervention either through medication and/or surgery and some patients with hearing loss and communication difficulties could benefit from the use of hearing aids and other hearing assistive technologies. The Division of Adult Audiology seeks to determine the cause of the hearing loss and the appropriate treatment options for each of our patients.

How We Hear – Learn how the ear works.

Hearing Loss Signs and Symptoms – Learn to recognize the signs before they impact your life.

Disease Diagnosis and Treatment – Hear the facts about common ear diseases.

Hearing Loss Prevention and Ear Protection – Learn how to protect you ears from harmful noise.

Communication Strategies – This section provides strategies to improve communication for both individuals with hearing loss and for their family and friends.

Sound Advice – What questions should you be asking about hearing and hearing loss?

For more information on hearing loss, please visit the following sites:

Hearing Loss Association of America

Consumer Site of the American Academy of Audiology

American Speech-Language-Hearing Association

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