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Custom Fit Earplugs

Custom fit earplugs provide an effective and comfortable fit. The custom earplug is made from an impression of an individual’s ear. Therefore, they effectively seal the ear, reducing the volume of sound. Custom fit earplugs are available for a variety of different uses. Some earplugs are solid plugs, while others have filters to allow normal sound levels to pass through while blocking dangerous noise levels.

Musician’s plugs (left) are custom fit earplugs that are useful for musicians and music enthusiasts. These earplugs reduce the overall volume of the music to protect your hearing, but still preserve the natural sound quality of the music. Musician’s plugs have a filter (9 dB, 15 dB and 25 dB) that allow sound through at a safe level with a natural sound quality. The higher the filter number, the more sound it will reduce.

Swimplugs (right) are custom fit earplugs designed to keep the water out of your ear canals while swimming or showering. Swimplugs can help reduce the occurrence of infection caused by moisture in the ear.

iPod and MP3 player custom earmolds (below) are available to provide a comfortable fit for typical headphone earbuds. These earmolds can also focus the sound down the ear canal, allowing the listener to reduce the volume. In addition, they help block excess noise from the environment, so the listener no longer has to increase the volume to hear the music over the external noise.

If you are interested in custom hearing protection, please make an appointment with an Audiologist by calling (800) 437 - 5430.

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