Facutly Practice Plan

Faculty and Staff

The Washington University School of Medicine Division of Adult Audiology is directed by Michael Valente, Ph.D., and includes eight additional licensed Audiologists at three convenient clinic locations. All Audiologists are accepting new patients, while continuing to provide superb care to their current patients.

Audiologists are:

Alison Brockmeyer, Au.D.
Cathryn Collopy, Au.D.
Jennifer Listenberger, Au.D.
Adam Voss, Au.D.
Judy Peterein, Au.D.
Rachael Mangiore, Au.D.
Steven Smith, Au.D.
Michael Valente, Ph.D.

In addition to their clinical and academic roles, the audiologists in the Division of Adult Audiology routinely participate in cutting edge research and share their knowledge through publications and presentations. Several full text articles published by the Audiology staff or through the Hearing Aid Research Laboratory can be found at the Division of Adult Audiology Digital Commons@Becker page.

Washington University Adult Audiology also has three Patient Service Representatives. These individuals provide office support to the Audiologists and help ensure that you are well cared for at your visit.

Patient Service Reprentatives are:

Angela Moeller
Kathy Swan
Diane Mecalo
Tom Clement

For more detailed information on the education and interests of the individual Audiologists and Patient Care Representatives, either click on the Audiologist’s name or see the drop down menu at the top of the screen under the heading "Why Washington University?"

For more information on the profession of Audiology, please visit the American Academy of Audiology and the Academy of Doctors of Audiology.

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