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The WUSM Advantage

The nationally recognized Adult Audiology team takes pride in offering the highest quality hearing healthcare available to our patients. Our mission is to provide all of our patients the same level of care we would provide to our loved ones.

Download Our Plan For You to Achieve Optimal Hearing checklist to ensure that you are receiving the highest quality care. 

Below are the reasons Washington University’s Audiology Department has become a leader in hearing healthcare:

  • Hearing aid selection and fitting procedures developed and used on each patient at Washington University served as the framework for current National Guidelines adopted by American Academy of Audiology and American Speech-Language-Hearing Association.

  • Internationally recognized leader in research; the findings from numerous projects completed at the Hearing Aid Research Laboratory have been presented and published.

  • Customized programming and Real Ear Measures are completed at all hearing aid fits to ensure the BEST fit. Unfortunately, in the United States, this critically important procedure is completed in only about 25% of hearing aid fittings.

  • Compensation for each Audiologist is salary-based, not commission-based. All Audiologists have access to many hearing aids and technologies without being concerned about commission. Thus, decisions for care are based on what is best for our patients and not what is best for the Audiologist.

  • Hearing aid selection involves a personal needs assessment highlighting the patient’s difficulty in specific listening situations.

  • All Audiologists hold a Doctoral degree from an accredited university.

  • Audiologists acquire 30 hours of continuing education biannually to keep current on the latest hearing aid technology, audiometric procedures, and treatment options.

  • Most Audiologists belong to the American Academy of Audiology and/or the American Speech-Language-Hearing Association. Membership in these professional organizations guides our Audiologists to a Code of Ethics to provide patient care with compassion and integrity.

  • A comprehensive audiometric examination is performed to determine the magnitude and source of the hearing loss. This is required within six months if hearing aids are dispensed to be certain the hearing aids are programmed correctly.

  • Washington University is a pioneer in establishing a hands-on assistive technology exhibit (Simply the Best Program) including individual and group listening systems, telecommunication devices, and personal alerting equipment.

  • Three easily accessed clinics at the Center for Advanced Medicine, the Audiology Clinic at Central Institute for the Deaf (CID), and our West County office in Creve Coeur. See location details under the Clinic Locations

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